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Canoe Building Workshop



3 day canoe build

14ft long

25 Kg


35'' wide

For solo or tandem paddlers

Super stable family canoe and easy to build!!

2022 DATES

4th - 6th July 2022 ( 1 place )

12th - 14th July 2022 ( FULL )

22nd - 24th July 2022 ( FULL )

5th - 7th August 2022 ( FULL )

12th 14th August 2022 ( FULL )

19th 21st August 2022 ( FULL )

12th - 14th September 2022 ( 2 place  )

3rd - 5th October 2022 ( FULL )

2023 dates available end September 2022


The 'Lakelander' is 14' 6'' long by 35''' . She has very graceful lines, is very stable in the water and retains a good load carrying capacity, and weighs in at only 25kgs.
The canoe is built for two people to paddle and allows plenty of space for a third, and for kit stowage, dogs, kids, picnic hampers etc …
We use light-weight materials so the canoe can be lifted and carried by one person and can be easily transported on the roof of a car. For the shell (hull), we use a high grade poplar-core ply, with Spruce gunwales and locally grown Oak and Ash for the thwarts and seats. All seams will be reinforced with marine grade epoxy resin and fibre-glass tape...  

Have a look at how we build page to see... how it's done (it's super simple)

SOLO VERSION 12ft can be built, same cost just let us know.

This is the same canoe but shortened, making it much lighter and best suited as a solo canoe only, the build time will be the same.



The canoe is designed to be built by complete novices. The stages of construction are very straightforward and progressive, and as you build your canoe, you will be surprised at how quickly it comes together. You will be working on your own canoe. If you have never done any wood work, bringing friends and family to help, makes the job much easier and fun! Don’t forget... we've had years of practise eradicating those time consuming errors and we are always on hand to help if you need, but remember this is your canoe to build…. 

NOTE: no extra cost to bring helpers along,,the more the merrier.


This is a self-catering course, so bring some daytime fodder. We normally have a 1 hour lunch break so plenty of time to nip off to the local for food if you need as well. We have tea and coffee a plenty, so no need to bring flasks etc.  


The workshops are run by Steve and Dan. Two self proclaimed canoe nuts,  who have been building canoes since 1994!


Your canoe can be sealed ready to paddle at the end of the workshop.

And yes you can paddle your canoe once the paint or varnish is dry right out of our workshop on Ullswater!!


Don't forget your roof bars, and some decent cam buckle straps.. we have purpose made canoe straps for sale £10 a pair if you need some.

NOTE: We don't recommend ratchet straps.



All extras can be now be purchased when you book a build, or you can wait till you are at the workshop.

The Lakelander comes with 2 standard seats made up of an oak spar and ply as a seat bace that you will need to make up. If you would like we have hand made web seats starting from £40, along with carry yokes.  


SOLO OPTION The Lakelander being so light, is fine to paddle solo however we can still make it smaller if you wish, just let us know before hand.