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How to get a canoe up - ORCA

1. Does it cost extra to bring friends and family to help. 
No, the cost is per canoe built, not per person. Bring family and friends to help and make a holiday of it.


2. Do you supply accommodation?

No but we can recommend camping and some Yurts at Great Strickland, there are lots of campsites within walking distance see accommodation page.


3. Do I need any previous woodwork experience?
The methods used to build the canoe are simple, you will need to use tools such as hand saws and cordless drills. You do not need experience in using these as we can show you.


4. Do I need any specialist equipment / clothing?
Please bring old clothing, epoxy resin won’t come out of your cloths once dry. We supply gloves for when you use the resin. We keep the workshop well ventilated. Feel free to bring your own Darth Vader style dust masks if you are worried about sawdust.


5. Can I bring my own tools?

We supply all tools and equipment to build the canoes but if you have a favourite saw or plane or cordless drill, by all means bring it. We don't use any power tools such as electric sanders/jigswas, they make to much noise, save them for the home.


6. Are the workshops physically demanding?

No, we take plenty of breaks and you have plenty of time to build the canoe, We have found it helps to share the work loads if there are two of you.


7. I have bad knees/back, do I have to kneel?
We build the canoes on stands and you will have your own work bench to use at a comfortable height.


8. Can I bring my kids? 
We are child friendly here, and many people bring their children to help build, and treat the time as a holiday. We have had plenty of canoes built by parents with their children to supervise!! However If you find you child’s attention is wavering and you are a couple one of you can always make use of the local parks, or outdoor swimming pool, or take then to the Castle. Further afield is Rheged discovery centre that has plenty to offer children. After each day, you have plenty of time to explore the Lakes. Creating your canoe is a fantastic thing to do with your child. Oh, by the way, there is an ice cream farm just up the road, well worth a visit!


9. How long will I spend building the canoe each day?
We will meet 9.30am and finish by 4pm every day. If you wish to burn the midnight oil working on your canoe you can.


10. Do you supply food?
There will be tea and coffee but you will need to bring your own food.


11. Can I bring my Dog?
You are welcome to bring your dog along to the workshops.

12. Why don’t you use power tools?
We use cordless drills and that is it. We find you can get a good straight cut with a hand saw, unlike jigsaws which cause more harm than good.. and electric sanders make a lot of noise and dust. Also using traditional tools we find is much more satisfying.

13. I have booked but would like to change my canoe building workshop date?

That is fine to change the date of the canoe build if you find you can't attend the one you booked onto, so long as you do this 4 weeks before the start date of the workshop you are booked onto, (so we have time to fill your spot) and the build you would like to change to is not full. Please see our T and Cs for cancellation info, also remember that the £100 deposit if non refundable! so dont book unless you a super keen!!!

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