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Don't take our word for it have a look at our testimonials pics of completed canoes and the ORCA map, and see what people think.

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Hey guys, 

Roof straps held on well all the way home. Thanks again for all the help over the last few days (and encouragement to see the big picture and not be a perfectionist! )


Hi Steve and Dan,


Hope you are both well and keeping busy! Just to let you know that we had our first paddle on Campbeltown Loch over the weekend and no need for the coastguard! 😃

A lot of folks were admiring the canoe and obviously we told them where it was built 😊

 I’ve attached some photos for you.

 All the best,

Emily & Greig

Hi Dan, Steve and Justin,


I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the amazing canoe building course, it was honestly the best thing I’ve done in a very long time! You all run the course so well and I had such a great time along the way! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s really inspiring! I hope too see you all again one day but in the meantime go easy! Thanks again!

All the best,

Henry :))

Many thanks Steve.


I had a very good time and now have a canoe to show for it.  Not sailed her yet, wanted to tidy up her looks first. Maiden voyage with Chris and his boat planned for 22 April on the middle reaches of the Nene.  It'll be fun.


Best wishes


Hey Steve and Dan

Apologies if you get this twice - sending from an Indian restaurant in Penrith.

We just wanted to also say thanks again for such an amazing experience. We absolutely loved every minute of the canoe building course. 

Here are some pictures of our first paddle last week. It was perfect she paddled beautifully.

We are still amazed that we actually built something that works so well! 

Already looking forward to the next bill project, here are some pictures, feel free to use them on the website or Facebook, we have loads more!

Cheers guys!

Thanks again

Hi Dan and Steve,


Promised to send a couple of photos of the canoe in use, taken a while to get around to it but here they are... 

2 adults, two kids and a dog have been out together, probably not the safest combination !!


Really enjoyed the build.  Went canoeing with some other families on a lakes camping weekend, they were all impressed... you may get some more interest!







Hi Guys


Thought you may like to see a photo of the canoe we had so much fun making with you in April on the river Dronne at Aubeterre in France during the summer.


It cuts through the water really well,  it is just great. 




Moira, Ian and Isi

Many thanks once again for a most enjoyable 4 days.


Best wishes Gwyn





Hi Dan and Steve  Thanks for all your help building our canoe we had so much fun and love our boat ! Hope you guys are well ! Please would it be possible to send me Andrea and toms address? 

Thank you  Aimee and Ruaraidh x






Hello Dan and Steve.


I attended the Lakelander course early May and am finally taking the time to let you know that the course was the best birthday present I could have been given. The building time was fantastic and I am enjoying the canoe whenever the weather allows. The canoe course is great value for the money and I am recommending it to anyone that asks about it. The Lakelander handles great and is very sturdy. Because I built it, I also have confidence to adapt it to suit my needs. I am uploading a few pictures of modifications I have made so far to your Facebook page. I have added bow and stern water proof storage along with the fixed foam floatation behind the bulkheads. I have also added the lights I mentioned during the course. Over the winter I plan to paint the canoe, build extendable outriggers and possibly a small sail (hence the outriggers). Thank you for the wonderful course and keep up the good work. P.S. How is everyone fitting in the time to paint, are you using power saws now?? LOL Cheers Brian Gorrel




Hi Dan and Steve,
Thanks for a brilliant course, can't wait to try my lovely new Mayfly out! Now to figure out where on earth I could keep a Lakelander ;-) 








Hi Guys
Thanks for  a brilliant weekend the canoe has now made it safely back to Cornwall.
Take care John and Carol






Hi Steve,

Thought you might like to see how my canoe turned out! 

Have been out in choppy conditions today but found she was quite stable especially considering I had a novice crew!







Hi dan and Steve

Thanks for all your help building our canoe we had so much fun and love our boat ! Hope you guys are well !

Amiee and Rory





"before the start of the course - I was very excited but wondered about the quality of the canoe. I wondered if I would be slow because I was on my own. I wondered if I would I get on with the other canoe builders and instructors. Day 1, all fears put aside, everyone is so helpful and willing to muck in. Day 2, you have created a 'CANOE'. Day 3 its sealed and ready for the finishing touches. Day 4 - The tricky bit - getting it on your roof rack, strapping it down and driving home. Day 4, 17:00 hrs - went to Ellerton Lake, launched it in to the water - no leaks and solo, it handled amazingly well. I was sitting in the middle of a lake in a canoe I had built. If you are in any doubt about doing this course, just do it. You will never forget it..”









“The canoe works a treat (well at least good enough to get to the island, whether it'll get me back remains to be seen!).thanks for a great weekend, it was a real pleasure meeting you guys and building the boat. Good to meet the others on the course too. (I think I can just see the two guys from Preston/crewe right down at the north end of the lake, looks like 'em and they aren't sinking yet either. too far to be sure tho....)The boats pretty lively, which I like. I kind of expected it to be a bit numb (like a plastic one I once borrowed) but, its not, it's really nice!Best of luck, and keep on enjoying it!"







"Hello Steve

Finally took my boat out for a test run (picture attached), very pleased. Only just had a chance to finish it now that the kids are back at school (still have a bit of hand sewing to finish on the straps). Do you want more pictures? If so anything in particular? would you prefer lower resolution?

Many thanks"










Hello Steve - hope you're all OK. We got back home with the canoe in one piece, thanks again for providing the fastest way to a hand made wooden canoe. I did notice quite a few people on the motorway that passed us looking at it - should have had a sign on it along the lines of "Freshly made with ORCA" - might have drummed up some business!:). All of my mates who have seen it have been well impressed, cheers.








"Hello Steve and Dan,Just a quick email to say what a great time I had at the workshop. What an excellent way to spend four days. Attached are some pics of our maiden voyage yesterday evening at Mylor, Falmouth. As you can see, the crew had a great time.The boat was very well-mannered throughout and easily accommodated all four of us.We're looking forward to some more adventures soon.All the best".


Martin Richards





"Hi Steve,Firstly I would like to thank both you and Dan for an excellent course, both Sandie and myself enjoyed the experience and learned a lot of very useful tips and tricks that we hope to put into practice finishing and maybe later upgrading/improving our canoe. We are really pleased with our canoe and look forward to taking it on its maiden voyage.Kind Regards"


Ian King




"Thank you for a great course and 4 days, I am so pleased with the outcome of my new canoe, and really enjoyed the whole process of mining it. Thank you for all your help and advice. I'm now looking forward to are family adventures which we are now planning.Many thanks"


John Breen






"Steve & Dan, E. mailing a little testimonial now otherwise it won't get done. Just got home safe and sound with Morgan telling me to "slow down you'll damage the boat!"I wanted to let you both know how much we have enjoyed the experience and the end result is so worth it. We have both learnt skills we never had before and both of your relaxed yet professional attitude was helpful in making it a fun and laid back back atmosphere.I can't recommend it enough - from my perspective bringing my 14 yr old son along gives me and him some man to man time and from his perspective he learnt some new skills, was given total responsibility, a taste of a full working day (although we did manage to knock off early most days) and most important for him time away from his little sister! Oh and we got a cracking canoe at the end which is ALL OURS! Keep up the good work - Now to the lake!!Many thanks!"


Jonathan & Morgan Ousby








"Hi Steve. Boat's been finished for a while but finally got it out for spin on the Dee just upstream of Chester. Very pleased with it's performance, the kneeling thwart works well, boat is lovely to handle, even sits on edge very nicely, it's a very 'quiet' boat. I'm incredibly pleased and chuffed at completing the project and have already made good use of the skills I picked up (built a rack for the open boats). Thanks for an amazing, mind-opening journey!"









"Hello. I had a great time and both myself and the canoe got back without incident.Have booked myself on the paddle building workshop (27-28th July)Hope all well with you. Best wishes"











“Me & hubby were very excited about the course when we spotted your ad- though a bit nervous of the final result & how it would work. It was SO much better than we'd hoped-relaxed & steady without anyone breathing down your neck-but always there to help if needed with years of experience to share.The end result was a beauty to be proud of & an almost regret that the course was over it had been such a pleasure to do. Many thanks for helping us make "The Soggy Dog" & start learning to canoe which we've been dreaming of for ages.We have recommended it to all our friends well done.”


Jurg & Von






"Thanks for all the help in building my canoe. Sorry we did not say goodbye properly as you were busy starting your new class.We have yet to try out the canoe but intend to as soon as possible - pictures to follow!Regards"


David and Doreen






"Thanks for last week. Pleased to say that the boat survived the return journey to Scotland. Let us know if you get the cedar strip project up and running and we'll be back for more!"Cheers,








"Just thought I’d let you know the canoe is great! I’ve been out on the River Wear in Durham a few times. My friends are so impressed. I’m planning to bring it back over to the Lakes maybe next month if the weather is OK. I’ll download those lovely photos of the canoe in the barn with the sun shining through in stripes and email them to you.Thanks again for a fantastic course"









"Steve, as promised here a a few photos of my maiden voyage.We took it for a proper trip and it has performed better than expected. very quiet and quick. it tracks well but is very responsive.thanks once again for the course and all the help building it.Cheers."


Stu Douglas






"Hey all, It floats! I can't believe what i've built. She is a thing of beauty and i just want to look at her all the time. First paddle by myself was an amazing experience. Thank's for the guidance.. long live my canoe!!"








"Hey up Steve Just a quickie to say what a super time we all had.. Ben and Sam are so taken with their canoe.. it is currently being used as a den in the garage, but we've been out in it every weekend so far.. just ace!!"Mary, Roy, Ben and Sam


Mary, Roy, Ben and Sam






"Hello Steve,Just wanted to give you some feedback re: my canoe....J.u.s.t. B.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t!!!"





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