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Lakelander canoe kit

By popular demand we can now offer you a Lakelander canoe kit!!!


The Lakelander is a 14ft tandem canoe approx 36" wide, she can have a slight rocker or keep her flat depending on your build. 


At any point during the build you are welcome to contact us for advice.


A PDF instruction booklet is supplied as a guide.





Although building a canoe can be done by a complete novice woodworker we advise a basic level of woodwork skill if you are thinking of building this kit. You will need supply all your own tools for this build.


Have a look at our CANOE BUILDING WORKSHOPS if you think this is a bit beyond you!!!


The kit comes with all the materials you need to build the canoe (but not the resin sorry). 


The planks are all pre cut but may need some (dressing) or a bit of plaining to take out any small lumps or bumps form the cutti ng process. 


we use 6mm WBP Ply and recommend that the inside chine lines (joins of the planks) are fiber glassed tape. Epoxy resin normally needs a uv barrier applied, you can do this using a suitable varnish or paint.


We supply cable ties to stitch the canoe and seats and carry yoke.



You will need to supply your own resin, we recommend Gurit AMPRO 4kg with fast hardner


If you are colleting we can supply the resin for £80 for 4kg  You can add the resing to your shopping cary for the shop. 


Please get in contact with us if you would like any more info about this kit 07963852547


Image of kit contents is not accurate, see KIT CONTENTS for whats in the kit.

Lakelander canoe kit

    2x pre cut bottom planks (plank 1)
    4x pre cut plank plank 2
    4x pre cut planks 3
    2x decks 
    Ply for seat bace
    8x Spruce gunwales spliced to make (to make 2x inhales and 2x outwales)
    2x webb seats
    1x carry yoke
    Gunwale screws
    Deck and seat screws
    Bolts 8x100mm for seats 
    Bolts 6x50mm for handles and yoke
    8x bamboo spacers for sea hangers
    14 nuts
    Fiberglass tape
    Filling stick
    Cable ties
    PDF instuctions as a guid to be e.mailed 

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