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COST £50 per canoe for 3hrs session

Location, Derwent Water or Ullswater 

You built a canoe, so you might like to know how to paddle it? We can offer canoe  paddling skill sessions for you and anyone else that might like to learn how to paddle your new canoe.

The sessions are run by Justin who works as a local freelance instructor, we have know Justin for many a year and he has been on many a canoe trip with us and is a very competent and friendly canoeist. 

These sessions can run either on Ullswater or Derwent water, and normal take about 3hrs. Time and location can be arrange with Justin to suit you and him. You will need to supply your own canoe (that you built) we can supply bouyancy aids and paddles (wooden) if you need, but hopefully you will have all this. 

A basic run down of what Justin will teach to a beginner.. (this is a guide only and the tuition can be tailored depending on what you would like to learn)



Lifting the canoe

Getting in and out of your canoe

Sitting positions to suit weather conditions and paddlers

Basic forward and backward paddling and how to use your paddle for maximum efficiency

Turning strokes 

Moving sideways 


Steering strokes

Tandem paddling techniques and Solo if needed

How to deal with a capsize (no need to get wet if you don't want to!)

Strapping canoe to to roof techniques


We can also cover more advanced strokes such as J-strokes, support strokes (anti-capsize strokes), rafting, basic sailing, polling, strapping kit in for trips,

To arrange a skills session just drop Justin and e.mail on justinkyme@gmail.com