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ORCA Canoe Building Workshop Information & Location Map (at the bottom)




We look forward to welcoming you on your canoe build. At the end of your course, you will take

home a Lakelander canoe you can be proud of. Listed below are a few points

to consider…




The workshop will open when we meet in the mornings at 9.30am, so just be ready with a pencil

behind your ear and a mug in your hand! We finish up the day at around 3.30 - 4pm; you are then

free to enjoy the rest of your day in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.





On the first day you shall be introduced to basic timber handling the tools we shall be using, these

include: saw, planes, drill, clamps, pliers, etc... Please excuse us if we are teaching you to ‘suck

eggs’! If you are an experienced wood worker we will probably show you the ropes and let you get

on... If you need a little more guidance we are always there to help.





You will be working at your own canoe until it is complete. This will naturally progress quicker if you

are bringing anyone along to assist in the build, although all workshops are aimed with a single

builder in mind. Be prepared for the odd splinter, we have tweezers and plasters on standby!





A pocket knife…extremely useful

Old work cloths (epoxy resin wont come out of cloths)

Footwear can be simple trainers or old walking boots if you prefer. Steel toe caps are not


Hand/face protection – we shall be providing gloves for when using the resin. If you would like to

bring along your own work gloves then please do so. Feel free to bring

your own dust mask if you feel you would want to wear one for sanding,  however we do supply basic dust masks. 


Roof bars


Note we do use flour on the build as a thickening agent for the resin so if you have an intolerance please be aware you might want to stay clear or have a helper to do the filling. 



If you are bringing children to help with the build that is fine. We have plenty of jobs for all ages and

abilities. Feel free to come and go with children so long as one of you are still around to build.

Have a look here for things to do with children. 




Any Extras you may wish to add to your canoe can be bought at the workshop, we have Canoe

Seats, Carrying Yoke, Redtail paddles and Cam Buckle Roof Straps and T.shirts and

Mugs (if in stock). We don't recommend ratchet straps.


You can Pay for this at the workshop in cash or BACS.


You will be finished on the last day around 1ish, and if you wish to paint your canoe we have paint at the workshop but limited colours, feel free to bring your own, BandQ is 10min drive and you can get there if you wish in evenings. You can spend as much time painting a canoe as you can building it so please keep your expectations real! you can always finish at home. The paint should dry in and hour and if you wish to keep the canoe natural then we will seal it with and epoxy wash. You will still need to varnish the canoe at a later date with an outdoor varnish, this type of varnish can take 8hrs to dry so this will need to be done at home. either way if you paint or not, weather dependant  you can paddle the canoe on the last day. 

we recommend Ronseal 10 year weatherproof paint. stain not gloss




Tea and Coffee will be provided. Please bring a mug if you remember, we have a few but they do

grow legs! Remember this is a self-catering course so please bring along food for the duration. We

will have a lunch break around 12ish for an hour or so each day.




The nearest campsite is Park Foot about 300mt walk along the lake shore to the workshop. There

are other options ranging from B&Bs, campsites and hotels, in this area and hopefully you wont

have problems finding something.

You are welcome to stay as the Great Strickland camping site if you wish.



You can follow every build on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to become our friend and

like us if you wish (ORCA canoe building workshops), Feel free to take photos/vids during the

workshops, as we will.







IMPORTANT Ignore location on google!! That’s Orca’s postal address!


The workshop is in a big green barn on the shore of Ullswater, just outside Pooley Bridge.

From junction 40 of the M6 head west, at the first roundabout, follow signs for Pooley Bridge.

You will need to find a spot to park in Pooley Bridge. Parking in Pooley itself is free and you will

probably find a spot along the main road if you are arriving early in the morning. Other parking

options are the two Pay and Displays and a £3 all day parking behind the Sun Inn. See map below

for parking options.


The workshop is accessed from a footpath that starts next to Eusemere car park, there is a sign

post to Waterside house, follow this path for apron 300m to the workshop, a big green barn.

If you happen to be camping at Park Foot Campsite you can walk the 300m along the lake shoretowards Pooley Bridge to the workshop. Look out for the big green barnGive us a call if you are running late or lost, there is reception at the workshop.














Message Tom on 07774239699 to check availability and book.

Tom can offer a no frills basic camping and Yurts on site at the Great Strickland and room for a small camper or sling you hammock up! there is a hot shower and flushing toilet.


Its about 20min drive to Pooley Bridge.



Camping is around £5 per person per night under 18 £2 and a dog is free. Please let us know asap if you wish to camp as space is limited. Click here for info and to book a yurt/barn/pod or go to air b&b and look for Great Strickland yurts and howdy barn.








CA10 3DU will take to the spot. Ignore location on google!! thats Dans house!!


From junction 40 of the M6, head east along the A66.


At the 1rst roundabout take the turning to 'Shap' (A6).


Follow this road for a few miles until you see a sign for ‘Great Strickland’ on your left. Turn left.


Continue for a mile or so; the road winds down to a small river under a railway, then up to


Great Strickland. Carry on out the village and take the first right after the church, then left at the fork and there is a small gravel car park on the left opposite a woods (double gates)

Camping is on the grass area behind the gravel carpark, Opposite is a woodland with the yurts in,


Please dont camp in the woodland as tempting as it looks!! Toilets and shower is a short walk down the lane to the farm yard. There is an entrance on your left in a wall before you get to the yard entrance that takes you into the toilet shower area.


Check in and payment can be made to Tom in cash, he can be found (if he is in) in his house thats

in the farm yard, look for glass porch, or failing that just give him a call 07774 239699.



We look forward to meeting you soon, and remember don’t forget your roof bars and Knife!




Steve Smith, Daniel Platt – ORCA (Open River Canoe Adventures)

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